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Welcome to the defense Innerspace report I'm Pavarotti and here at United States Coast Guard headquarters where we're talking to the 25th Commandant of the United States Coast Guard Amaral Paul Zukunft sir thanks very much for the time Margeaux always great to be with you again it absolutely is I've always enjoyed our conversations and a one consistent theme in our conversations is budget budget budget budget budget and I want to start there you know you the Coast Guard you know the president has talked about the extraordinary brand of the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard's can-do spirit and you know you're a military force the law enforcement force but also a critical disaster response and relief force and there was an extraordinary hurricane season you guys were in non-stop operations that cost 900 million dollars and you recently testified about the challenges associated with that what you know where are we on you guys being reimbursed that money and what are the implications for losing some if not all of it yeah well maybe I'll start at the beginning of the year vago and I'll go back to one of the first executive orders that was signed on restoring military readiness and it restored military readiness for Army Air Force Navy Marine Corps there's a fifth armed service in there that was excluded and that was United States Coast Guard it was a 13 percent proposed there was a 13 percent proposed cut and so coming on the heels of 2022 where we had record success both operationally fiscally that was our fourth consecutive clean final financial audit opinion with drug removals on-time on-budget meeting all requirements mature acquisition programs with with zero to little growth whatsoever and our reward for that was a proposed 13% reduction which would have decimated the workforce the good news is that funding was restored unfortunately as we look at budget caps being lifted for the Department of Defense four percent of my budget comes out of defense discretionary funding the other ninety six is non-defense discretionary so if you're gonna raise defense discretionary spending where do the offsets come from and in all likelihood it will come from non-defense discretionary so I will be a military service already funded for five consecutive years below below with the Budget Control Act floor and be a donor to the other armed services now I'm in lockstep with our armed services but the funding Magnum has got to change the Coast Guard must be funded as a military service and yes we're looking at a roughly just a little less than a billion dollars of damage as a result of these three hurricanes 12,000 live saved and complete highest state of readiness for all members of our Coast Guard but we ate into our readiness for 2022 flew a lot of flight hours and we had a lot of infrastructure severely damaged I don't want to put a bandaid on that.

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